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    diamond six specializes in sharing wisdom resulting in best decision making

    At Diamond Six, we specialise in sharing wisdom, which we use to help you make great decisions so you can slide down less snakes and climb more ladders in life.

    The Diamond Six Dream:

    To create a collective of human experience accessible for anyone to use as profound wisdom and insight to guide their own journey through life.     

    • The act of creating and using the collective experience strengthens meaningful human connection and respect for the value that every individual has to offer in their unique way
    • Anyone who has journeyed through any endeavour is able to share knowledge, experience, and wisdom 
    • In particular, "elders" are seen as master contributors' to life's lessons and they are sought out and listened to with great intent and appreciation 
    • Those who seek wisdom are rewarded in life by making decisions they won't regret
    • Those who share wisdom are rewarded in life simply by giving back

    Coming Soon

    Diamond Six and the "Decision Diamond" are being built now. 

    Launching mid 2018. 

    Hindsight to Foresight

    Look to your future - Access global wisdom and turn  other people's      hindsight into  your foresight for better decision making. diamond six

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